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S.T.N.G.'s Fight for the Next Generation" God Family Country

S.T.N.G. is a non-profit organization founded to save the next generation. We will research and expose the bills that are being passed without the citizens' knowledge. We are against all the laws that are harmful to the next generation. We will make every effort to stop these laws and campaign against them.

  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Focus on the Next Generation
  • Active Opposition to Harmful Legislation
  • Research and Advocacy
  • Fighting for a better future for all

In order to educate on these issues we create booklets, flyers and do outreach.

What We Are Focus On

Our Mission Educate Inform PrepareSave

Transparency & Accountability
The primary aim of S.T.N.G. (Save The Next Generation) is to shed light on legislation being passed without proper citizen awareness and engagement. This advocacy is crucial in a democracy where an informed populace can actively participate and have a say in decisions that directly affect them, especially those with potential long-term impacts on the younger generation.
Focus on the Next Generation
STNG's unique focus is on protecting the interests of the upcoming generation. In a rapidly changing world, this includes challenges related to education, environment, digital rights, mental health, and more. We believe that today's decisions will shape the world that future generations will inherit and hence, their voices need to be accounted for in these debates.
Actively Opposing Harmful Legislation
Not only does STNG aim to increase awareness and encourage informed decision-making, but it also takes a stand against harmful legislation. The organization does not merely observe and report; it takes proactive steps, including campaigning against laws that it believes will be detrimental to the wellbeing of the next generation.
Research and Advocacy
The backbone of STNG's operations is its extensive research on different laws and bills being passed. This research drives its advocacy, providing data-driven insights that guide its campaigns and inform the public. It is through thorough investigation and knowledge dissemination that STNG helps citizens engage effectively in matters of legislation that concern the next generation.

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